What to Look for When Buying a Shed

1. Strength

    • Ask for 4 x 6 notched runners. Our shed is stronger because we use 4×6 notched runners. At heritage building company every shed gets 4×6 notched runners. Every floor joist sits in a 1 1/2″ deep notch which keeps the integrity of the building when loading, unloading, and in transit.
    • Ask for 2 x 6 Prowood treated joists. 2×6 joists are a standard for the majority of our Heritage Building Company sheds. Using 2×6 joists creates a sturdy, stronger, rock solid foundation to ensure the toughest and most solid floor system on the market today.
    • Ask about double top plates and overlapped corners. When we designed our buildings, we created them with a premium residential home in mind. You will find that every wall in your building is built like your home. It is built for a lifetime. Every wall is tied together for maximum structural security.
    • Ask how thick the floor is. If 3/4″ flooring is not offered as standard in the other shed then it is inferior to a Heritage Building Company barn. Every shed built comes with a residential lifetime warranty 3/4″ LP Legacy subfloor with Gorilla Glue technology.

2. Durability

    • Ask for a 40 year roof. At Heritage building Company, every metal roof system comes standard with long lasting, durable 40 year guaranteed panels.
    • Ask for 50 year LP SmartSide siding. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best. The treated T1-11 siding has no warranty and discolors within 6 months. Roseburg DuraTemp siding de-laminates and bubbles within a year. When you purchase a Heritage Building Company shed, you can rest assure that the siding is treated for mold, mildew, termites, is rot resistant, and is guaranteed to withstand the varying harsh climates. Many of our buildings also include radiant barrier technology. This technology was first made by NASA and is used to protect their equipment from the suns harmful rays. In order to protect and keep your building cooler, we now offer this as a standard on our Estate and Legacy series at no extra cost to the consumer.

3. Customization

    • Ask for a list of options. You will be given a brochure of a limited selection of options, such as windows, doors, work benches, and shelves. These are all useful, helpful and solid choices. With the competition this is where it normally ends, but with Heritage Building Company that’s where it just begins. With plugin play electrical packages, shutters, custom doors, pet doors, custom porches, custom dormers, custom paint colors, solar packages from a simple light to powering everything in a tiny house, garage doors and metal buildings, we love to help our customers find a solution for their exact needs. If you cant find what your looking for just ask, we will probably say “Yes, we can do that.”

If you have any question just contact us in our website chat or call us at 704.431.4494