Tips for Preparing for Shed Installation

Before backyard shed installation in North Carolina, it’s crucial to level and prepare the ground for installation. Without proper ground preparation, your shed could end up being unstable, a problem that would only grow worse over time as erosion and soil degradation occur. Protect your investment by taking the time to do the job right and following these tips for preparing for shed installation. 

Review Property Lines

Review your property lines before you begin your storage shed installation in NC. This will prevent you from having to spend a lot of money and time moving your shed if you end up installing it on your neighbor’s property! You may also need to follow local regulations regarding the placement of sheds and outdoor structures relative to your own property.

Reduce the Risk of Flooding or Erosion

If you live in an area in danger of flooding and/or plan on installing your storage or garden shed on low-lying ground, you should take some steps to reduce the risk of flooding or foundation damage due to erosion. Even if you can prevent flooding, installing a shed on low-lying ground can present other problems that affect the stability and longevity of your shed. It may be exposed to too much moisture, causing mold, mildew, and rot. It could also be susceptible to leaning or shifting due to wet or flooded ground. It’s best to build your shed on high ground with proper drainage.

Level the Ground Properly

Before you begin installing your studio or shed in North Carolina, you should make sure the ground is level and large rocks are removed. If the ground isn’t level, your shed is at risk of foundation damage and degradation over time as there is excess strain placed on the framing. After just one or two years, your shed will end up being unsafe to use and your investment will be lost. Properly leveling the ground ensures the shed remains level and safe, and your investment is secure.

Use Landscaping Fabric

Before creating a gravel foundation for your backyard shed, you can use landscaping fabric to create a weed and pest barrier. This eliminates the chances that weeds or plants will grow under the shed and cause erosion or instability. The landscaping fabric also provides a separation barrier between the gravel and soil, which adds additional stability for the shed’s base. 

Allow for Enough Space Around the Shed

You also must make sure you allow for enough space around your shed. This allows for better drainage of rainwater from the shed’s roof, so it doesn’t impact the shed’s foundation. It also allows you to extend a gravel foundation out further past the edges of the shed, so that weeds and grass don’t grow up and around your shed. Finally, added space around your shed gives you more room to load and unload larger equipment or items being stored in the shed. 

Install a Perimeter

A solid wooden perimeter installed around your storage shed will act as a barrier for the soil and gravel that forms the shed’s foundation. This prevents spreading and ensures the foundation remains solid and secure over the years. The perimeter can also act as a retaining wall if your shed is off-level. You should use high quality wood that is pressure treated and rated for ground contact. 

Consider Weatherproofing & Pest Control

Depending on what you plan on using your storage or garden shed for, you might consider your weatherproofing and pest control options. A storage shed, especially one containing tools, will offer some protection from the elements but may need a little extra help withstanding extreme temperatures and/or weather. Install insulation, use waterproof paint, and caulk any gaps to prevent degradation and damage due to weather. Pests can destroy the shed itself as well as whatever is inside, and can also spread diseases. Seal up any cracks, spray for pests, and install insulation to prevent access by rodents, animals, and insects. 

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