Tips for Installing an HOA-Compatible Shed

Your local HOA, or homeowner’s association, is an organization that sets rules and regulations for properties within its jurisdiction. These rules and regulations are put in place to maintain property values and keep neighborhoods looking great. If you’re thinking about installing a shed on your property, you’ll need to make sure it’s compatible with your HOA’s rules. To help you out, our team at Heritage Building Co. has compiled some tips for installing an HOA-approved shed.

Common HOA Requirements

Every HOA will have different rules for sheds in your area. However, there are a few common denominators. For example, many HOAs will require that your shed:

  • Be a certain size: Often no larger than 12×12 feet, although this number can vary.
  • Be placed in the backyard: Many HOAs will not allow sheds in the front yard.
  • Be a certain distance from the property line: This number can vary, but is typically around 5 feet.
  • Be a certain distance from the house: This number can also vary but is typically 10-15 feet.
  • Have a roof that matches the style of your house: For example, if your house has a shingled roof, your shed must also have a shingled roof. 
  • Vinyl siding is often a requirement.  This typically is countered by having a horizontal look.   Heritage offers the Legacy siding for this.  

Check With Your HOA First

The best way to make sure your shed is HOA-approved is to check with your HOA before you start shopping. They should be able to provide you with a list of requirements that you’ll need to meet. Once you have that list, you can start shopping for a shed that meets all of the criteria.

Get a Permit

In some cases, you may need to get a permit from your city or county in order to install a shed on your property. This is typically the case if your shed is going to be over a certain size, or will need special features like electricity. Be sure to check with your local authorities before you start the installation process to see if you need a permit, lest you run into complications later on.

Work With a Shed Specialist

When it comes to installing a shed, it’s always best to work with a specialist. Heritage Building Co. has years of experience helping homeowners install sheds that meet all of their HOA requirements. We can help you choose the right size, style, and materials for your HOA-approved shed, and we’ll make sure it’s installed properly.

The Benefits of an HOA-Approved Shed

Still wondering why you should go through the hassle of getting an HOA-approved shed? There are actually quite a few benefits.

  • Make your neighbors jealous: An HOA-approved shed is a great way to add value to your home and make your neighbors jealous. Our sheds are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes, so you can find the perfect shed to match your home’s aesthetic. With an HOA-approved shed from Heritage Building Co., your home will be the envy of the neighborhood.
  • Avoid penalties: If you don’t get approval from your HOA before installing a shed, you could be subject to fines or other penalties. To avoid any potential headaches down the road, it’s always best to play by the rules and get approval before you start the installation process.
  • Get more storage space: If you’re like most homeowners, you could always use more storage space. Rather than cramming your things into your garage or house, put them in a shed! This will free up space in your home and help you keep your things organized. It will also allow you to avoid crowding your lawn with junk or excess equipment.
  • Increase property value: Along with making your home more attractive, an HOA-approved shed can also increase your property value. This is especially true if you choose a high-quality shed made from durable materials, like our sheds from Heritage Building Co. Potential buyers are sure to love the extra space that a shed can provide, as well as the added style.

Contact Us to Build Your HOA-Approved Shed

If you’re ready to install an HOA-approved shed on your property, the team at Heritage Building Co. is here to help. We’ll work with you to make sure your shed meets all of the requirements set forth by your HOA, and we’ll handle every aspect of the installation process. Contact us today to get started or to begin designing your dream shed. We look forward to helping you enhance your home!