Tips for Designing Your Dream She Shed

Most people are familiar with the term “man cave,” but not everyone knows that women also have their own version called the “she shed.” A “she shed” is a small dedicated space outside the home, usually a separate shed in your backyard or within your property.

The term “she shed” means the shed is a special space that can be anything a woman wants it to be – a separate home office, an art studio, a crafting area, or a yoga oasis. The possibilities are endless! Once you’ve purchased your she shed, the next step is to make it your own private getaway.

Here are some tips for designing your dream she shed:

Create a cozy nook inside your she shed

Whatever the primary use of your she shed will be, a cozy nook is always welcome. Put in a comfy chair and fill it with pillows and throws to create a comfy and cozy nook in your private space. Put in a rug and some scented candles to transform the space into your own oasis. You can use the area to catch up on your reading, take a 15-minute tea break from household chores, or take a quick nap.

Turn it into a place to host friends

If you love entertaining, you should include seating areas inside your she shed. You can have two separate tables or one bigger table in the center of your shed with ample seating for your friends. Host a fun dinner, celebrate happy hour with friends, or invite your crafting club for a relaxing afternoon. For those who love having friends over but maybe have young children or a smaller kitchen inside the main house, a she shed is a great extension that can accommodate your intimate social events

Create your ideal home gym

If you love working out or want to become inspired to start working out, turn your she shed into a personal gym or yoga studio. Ensure you have ample ventilation, such as windows, and a portable fan. Put in an exercise mat, some fitness equipment like weights or kettlebells, and enjoy your much-needed alone time working out.

Work from home space

If you continue to work from home or are on a hybrid schedule, create a peaceful and organized home office that lets you feel like you have a separate work life from your home life. This is hard to do, especially with children, so having a home office is a great solution. You’ll need a desk, a comfortable chair, and some picture frames and decor to make it feel personal. Don’t forget you’ll need a stable wifi connection and electricity in your she shed to make it a real home office.

Turn it into a media room

You can also turn your she shed into a movie theater or media room you can enjoy on your own or with your family. Treat it as your own private movie theater by hanging an outdoor flat-screen TV on your shed’s porch and adding comfortable couches, or bean bags if you don’t have enough space, across the screen. Add your favorite popcorn and movie snacks, and you’ve got a relaxing place to enjoy your favorite movies.

Whatever you choose to do with your she shed, design it with your primary purpose in mind. Is it to work from home? To give you a private area to paint or craft in peace? Or is it more of a communal space where you can welcome friends and family?  When you decide what you want it to be, then you can design it to fit your personal style and taste.

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