The Frosty Flamingo

Heritage Building Company sheds have been transformed in so many amazing and mind blowing ways. We built our very first icee shop and it was placed in Union, South Carolina by some of our dear friends and Heritage Building Company lot owners.

The Frosty Flamingo was started by Josh and Brandy Rochester in Union, South Carolina. They have taken an idea and turned it into a reality with a little help from Heritage Building Company. They designed a building that works perfectly for a snow cone and icee stand.

Josh and Brandy said they chose Heritage to supply their building because “We felt like Heritage would and could meet our wants and expectations.” It took Heritage just a few weeks to have their building built and delivered and it took Josh and Brandy only one week to renovate the interior of their building. “We figured since we were already paying a lease on the property that we should do something else…Also to is something our son can eventually run to make a little money.”

They designed a 10×20 Estate Utility with an end porch and custom paint color, roof, windows and doors. They added flooring, paint, a ceiling and of course everything you need to make an amazing and delicious snow cone.

Thank you so much Josh and Brandy for letting us supply your building. We love to see new ideas and watch plans become a reality. If you would like to design and plan your custom barn please contact us on our website chat or call us at 704.431.4494