Solar Power

Solar Power is adding a new and modern touch to man caves, she sheds, tool sheds and much more. Because wiring power from your home to your shed can cost more than some people are looking for, Heritage is now working with EcoEthic Solar® to give you power that most shed companies don’t.

Basic Lighting Package

Heritage offers two different packages for solar. The Basic Lighting Package comes with one 100W solar panel and mount, PWM charge controller, two 12V DC LED tube lights, one 12V 35Ah AGM sealed battery, and two 20 AMP DC disconnects.

Tools and More Package

This package comes with a 1,000W inverter for A/C loads. This will give you the ability to run power tools, TV’s, lights and more. It includes one 200W solar panel, one PWM controller, one 30 AMP DC disconnect, one 100Ah 12V AGM battery, DC fuses and one 1,000W inverter.

If you would like to add more to these solar packages you can always add one of Heritage’s electrical packages.

The Benefits of Solar

    • No underground wires are needed.
    • Will work even during a power outage.
    • The distance from your home can be near or far.
    • The battery will store backup power so your building can be used at night.
    • Renewable energy.

How it Works

The panels absorb the energy from the sun, creating direct current (DC) electricity. The electricity is fed into a solar inverter which converts the current into alternating current (AC) electricity. The AC current is then used to power your shed.

If you have any questions about solar power or buying a shed with solar power, please contact us on our website chat or give us a call at 704.431.4494