Shed Styles: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Outdoor Space

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Shed Styles: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Outdoor Space

A storage shed is a great way to increase space in your home, whether you want to add storage space or create a new outdoor living area. However, with so many shed styles available, choosing the right one for your needs and design preferences can take time and effort.

Let’s take a look at different shed styles and see which one is the perfect fit for you:

1. Lofted (Barn Style)

A lofted barn-style shed is a classic style characterized by a gambrel roof or a symmetrical two-sided roof with two slopes on each side. This style works well as a storage shed, offering ample storage space. A lofted shed typically has a spacious interior and high roofline, making it ideal for storing large pieces of furniture, equipment, and tools. 

Heritage Building Co. offers the Tradition series, which offers numerous sheds in this style.

2. With a Porch

If you are looking for a shed for a home office, she shed, or an additional outdoor lounging area, you may want to get a shed with a porch. This type of shed is usually bigger than a traditional shed and has built-in windows that provide a comfortable interior with lots of natural light. You’ll be able to enjoy the interiors of the shed when working or lounging, and at the same time, make the most out of nice weather when you relax on the porch.

3. Dormer Style

At Heritage Building Co. we offer dormer packages which resemble a mini house. This type of shed adds charm and whimsy to your outdoor space. They typically have windows with shutters, and transom windows on the door. This style blends beautifully into your garden landscape and becomes an eye-catching feature of your outdoor area. A dormer shed is perfect as a pool house,  for storing gardening supplies, or creating a cozy retreat for relaxation.

When choosing the perfect shed for your outdoor space, there’s no shortage of options, no matter your taste and needs. Whether you want one that matches your traditional barn-style home, one with a porch, or one that evokes the image of a garden cottage, finding the perfect style is all about balancing functionality with design. Prioritize your needs, whether a storage space or home office, then consider your personal design preferences to select a shed style that fits perfectly into your outdoor space. 

Heritage Building Co. has dozens of shed designs that fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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