Reasons to Install a Garden Shed This Year

Throughout the last few years, many people started new projects around the house, particularly crafting, DIY projects, and small home renovations. Many people took up gardening, as they were at home more and felt a desire to get back to basics and reconnect with nature. Whether you took up gardening during the pandemic or have always had a beautiful garden on your property, 2023 is the perfect year to install a garden shed. 2023 is the year of organizing, streamlining, and decluttering so that you can make your home more comfortable and functional! Here’s a look at some of the benefits of installing a garden shed on your property this year:

Protect Your Gardening Equipment

The most obvious reason to build a custom shed in your yard is to protect your gardening equipment. Not only will a garden shed keep your soil, tools, and seeds protected from the weather and preserve their longevity, it will also create better organization for your equipment and supplies so that they are easier to find when you need them. You can even use the garden shed as a potting shed to prepare plants for your garden, no matter the weather.

Create Extra Storage

A garden shed or outdoor storage shed creates extra storage, so that your gardening equipment and supplies are out of sight and stowed away. You can minimize clutter and improve the ambience of your garden by storing supplies in your garden shed. You can also store pool supplies and seasonal decorations in your garden shed to free up space elsewhere.

Improve Safety

Rather than having unwieldy equipment and supplies lying around where people can trip over them, you can store them safely away in your garden shed. You can also store dangerous pesticides and other chemicals out of reach of children and pets.!

Reduce Mess and Clutter

You can use your garden shed to reduce mess and clutter around your home and yard. If you’re creative about storage or choose custom shed add-ons like a storage loft, you can store a lot more than yard and garden supplies in your shed. This gives you the opportunity to streamline your home and garden and restore it as a place where your family can relax, and you can entertain guests.

Crafting Area

If crafting is your hobby of choice, you might want to steer away from ambient lighting and opt for bright overhead lighting instead. Or you can combine both! Almost no idea is too big when designing a custom shed or She Shed. Make sure your crafting area has a table with a lot of storage for your supplies, and an adjustable work lamp. You can even find crafting tables that fold back up into storage cabinets, creating extra space when you’re not using them. 

Create a Space for Work or Play

Even if you don’t garden, a garden shed can be repurposed as a Man Cave, She Shed, or other custom shed that creates a space for work and play. Use your garden shed as a playhouse for your children, or create a place where you can watch TV, play video games, read, or relax outside of the main house. With the right add-ons and features, a custom garden shed can even be used as a workshop, home gym, crafting space, or home office.

Encourage Your Hobby

Having all of your gardening equipment and supplies stored in one easy to access place eliminates excuses or reasons why you can’t work on your hobby. You will find it easier to get back into gardening or to further explore your passion when you have a dedicated space in which to do so.

Improve the Aesthetics of Your Yard and Garden

A garden shed can dramatically improve the aesthetics of your yard and garden. It keeps mess and clutter locked away safely and out of sight. It also gives you the opportunity to store other items that have been taking up space in attics, garages, or home closets. A garden shed is versatile and customizable, so that it works for almost every type of storage need. Whether you want a place to tinker and work on home improvement projects, somewhere to safely store seasonal decorations and pool toys, or a storage spot for sporting equipment, a custom shed or garden shed is the perfect place.

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