Legacy Series

In our best category we produce the Legacy Series. This series is made to be a very sturdy building, great for a tiny house, she shed or art studio.

This building comes with 2×6 floor joists for the 10′, 12′ and 14′ wides. The 8′ wides come with 2×4 floor joists. The 8′ and 10′ receive two runners (skids) and the 12′ and 14′ receive four runners (skids). Every Legacy building comes with 16″ OC #2 European Spruce studs. The siding is 3/8″ LP® siding with 7/16″ LP® TechShield® OSB Sheathing layered on top to give your building that gorgeous and modern look. It comes with 24″ OC trusses and 2×4 trusses. The flooring is 3/4″ LP Legacy® flooring with Gorilla Glue Technology®. With the Legacy Series you can choose one paint color for your siding and another separate color for your trim. The Legacy Series also comes standard with accent doors and painted vents which comes in the same color as the trim. With the accent doors you can choose a separate color that is different than your siding and trim. This series also has a 5 year craftsmanship limited warranty, 40 year warranty on the metal roof, 5/50 year limited warranty on the siding and limited warranty on the floors.

If you would like to order a Legacy Series building please contact us on our website chat or call us at 704.431.4494