Kickstart Your Year with These Home Organization Tips

It’s 2023, and everyone is looking forward to a fresh start. With the new year comes new resolutions and goals, which can be hard to stick with without proper organization. If one of your resolutions for the new year is to organize your home, you may be wondering how to get started. Our team at Heritage Building Co. has put together their top home organization tips for kickstarting your year and acing those new resolutions.

Take Stock

Step one: Take stock of your current home organization system. Have a look around and make note of what might need improvement. It’s important to create your home organization plan with an understanding of the areas already in order, as well as the ones that might need some work.

If clutter is an ongoing problem, consider whether or not you need to downsize or simply adopt some new organizational systems. For example, If you need additional storage in your backyard, you can customize our garden sheds to suit your needs. Our garden sheds are a great place to store gardening items you currently aren’t using, but you’ll need when seasons change.

Just because you have a lot of stuff lying around doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get rid of it—it may just need to be organized.

Start Small

If you go into your home organization project trying to do everything at once, you may find yourself overwhelmed and unable to finish. Instead, pick one area of your home and focus on it first.

Start with small steps such as going through papers, sorting dishes, or folding clothes; you’ll be more likely to stay motivated if you’re tackling a single project at a time. You’ll also find that completing smaller goals will keep you feeling inspired and excited to tackle the next task. If you wish, you can even move room by room. This will help you keep track of your progress and celebrate small victories as you go.

Adding shelves to outdoor storage is an excellent way to store and organize small items in individual containers.

Utilize Storage Solutions

Once you have identified which areas need attention, it’s time to look into storage solutions that can help keep things organized and out of sight. Wall-mounted storage units, wicker baskets, or open shelving are all great options for keeping your items tidy and easily accessible.

Consider also investing in storage containers or boxes to further keep items together and easy to find when needed. You can add shelves to an outdoor storage to increase your storage space and keep baskets or containers organized. If necessary, enlist the help of a professional organizer to help you find the best solution for your space.

Consider an Outdoor Storage Shed

If you’re a family with lots of outdoor equipment or you’ve recently taken on a new hobby or sport, consider investing in an outdoor storage shed from Heritage Building Co. Not only do they provide extra space for large items such as lawn mowers, bikes, and tools, but they also offer protection from the elements. If you’re looking to create even more order in your outdoor area while still having easy access to your belongings, then an outdoor storage shed is the perfect solution.

At Heritage Building Co., we offer a wide array of outdoor storage sheds to fit any need and budget. Whether you’re looking for a small storage shed to keep your gardening tools or for a large outdoor shed to store all of your outdoor landscaping equipment, we have the shed for you.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

Organizing is only half of the battle—you need to regularly maintain the progress you have made in order to stay organized. Create a schedule that outlines when certain tasks need to be done; this could include dusting, vacuuming, and doing the dishes. Creating a schedule ensures that you won’t forget to do something and keeps your home in order. If you’re trying to get your family in on the action, create a chore chart so everyone knows their responsibilities. If organizing feels like an ongoing battle for you, take it slow—even a little bit helps.

For example, decide to go through your storage shed once every quarter to check if there’s anything you can declutter and get rid of or donate.

Build Your Outdoor Storage Shed Today

By taking stock of your current home organization systems and investing in storage solutions, you can kickstart your year with an organized home. Don’t forget to create a maintenance schedule so you can keep up the progress that you have made. With these tips in mind, getting organized for 2023 is achievable and will help set the tone for a successful year.

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