Exploring Possibilities with Our Porch Packages

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Exploring Possibilities with Our Porch Packages

Are you ready to add a new room to your home, but just don’t have the space? Our porch packages at Heritage Building Co. are the perfect solution. We offer a wide variety of options that you can fully customize according to your individual needs. Let’s explore the possibilities you can enjoy with our porch packages. 

Man Cave

Your home can be a bustling place, making it hard to find a quiet area to watch the big game or enjoy a drink or meal with your friends. With one of our porch packages, you can construct an entirely new man cave without upending your home’s current setup. 

She Shed

Looking for a yoga studio, craft workshop, or reading nook? One of our porch packages can make your dreams a reality. With options like our Estate Lofted Deluxe Porch, you can add that space you’ve been dreaming about. Our sheds can include windows, wraparound porches, and even barn doors to make your new studio or home gym feel luxurious. 

Lake House

If you spend a lot of time out on the water, you probably have a fair amount of equipment taking up valuable floor space in your garage. Why not invest in a porch package to create your own personal lake house? You’ll have more space in your home, and a devoted area for all your kayaks, rafts, and other boating equipment. 


Tired of tripping over your children’s toys whenever you need to walk across the living room? Give them a space of their own with one of our porch packages from Heritage Building Co. You can have peace of mind knowing your children have their own area to play safely and reclaim your family room for book club or dinner parties. 

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Our porch packages at Heritage Building Co. can make your dream a reality. To design your shed today, just click here!

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Heritage Building Co. Turns 3 Years Old!

In 2019, three men with much experience in the portable storage business started out on a venture. Each equipped with different skills, they wanted to create a business that put more emphasis on faith, family, fresh ideas, and a friendly working atmosphere than on profit. With a small amount of capital and a lot of determination, Heritage Building Company was formed on June 17, 2019 in a 20,000 square foot warehouse in Salisbury, NC. The first order rolled in on June 24th. Setting up the product, process, and personnel took some time and a few animated sessions, but the first buildings were completed and delivered to Summerville, SC on July 12th. The next months were trying with many tests along the way, but with much patience, perseverance, and prayers, 2019 was a success with a strong framework established with a network of vendors, dealers, and builders. From that small group of men armed with a vision, a purpose, and God’s help and guidance, Heritage has grown today to include a network of over 50 dealers and lots, employing more than 150 people. Heritage Building Company, an industry leader in quality and customer service, celebrates 3 years today. Happy Anniversary!

“…Yea, I have a goodly heritage.” – Psalm 16:6 KJV