Electrical Packages

Here at Heritage we offer three types of Electrical Packages. We have our Basic Electrical Package, 15 AMP Package and the 30 AMP Package, so you can have the option of living or working in your building with ease.

Basic Electrical Package

In this package it comes with one light, one switch, and one receptacle. This gives your shed an amazing space to store power tools or even a great space for a small workshop. It also comes with one 15 AMP external plug which we call a pigtail. With this pigtail all you need to do is plug an extension cord from your building to your home or energy supply source.

15 AMP Electrical Package

This package also comes with one light and one switch, but the 15 AMP also comes upgraded with three receptacles to give you more power in your man cave or she shed. It also comes standard with the 15 AMP external plug.

30 AMP Electrical Package

The 30 AMP Package includes one light, one switch, three receptacles, two circuit breakers, one six space breaker box and 30 AMP external plug. This package is perfect for tiny home or work spaces that needs a lot of electrical power.

Every building that has been ordered with electrical comes fully installed in the building. If you would like to add a receptacle, switch or light to one of your electrical packages it is a fifty dollar up charge for each receptacle, switch or light. Electrical cannot be added to a building after it has been ordered or built.

If you would like to order a building with electrical in it please message us on the website chat or give us a call at 704.431.4944