Economy Metal

Heritage Building Company first started building small metal buildings, and today we continue to build metal buildings. We originally started out in South Carolina and continue to grow by adding a Economy Metal plant in Statesville, North Carolina.

Our Economy Metal buildings are only offered in a 10′ wide, and you can purchase 12′, 16′, 20′, and 24′ long buildings. The Economy Metal buildings come with a 6×6 roll-up garage door. They are wrapped in all Economy Metal that have a 25 year limited warranty, it has 3/4″ LP® Legacy® Flooring with Gorilla Glue Technology® and are built with 2×4 floor joists. An Economy Metal building is the perfect building if you just need a little storage area to hold your lawn equipment, boxes or summer pool equipment.

The Economy Metal building cannot have any additional add-on to this building with the exception of electrical.

If you would like to purchase an Economy Metal building please contact us on our website chat or give is a call at 704.431.4494