DIY Projects: Upgrading and Customizing Your Storage Shed

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DIY Projects: Upgrading and Customizing Your Storage Shed

You’ve brought home your Heritage Building Co. storage shed and now it’s time to customize it and make it your own. Everyone’s needs are different, so whether you’ve decided to turn it into a private gym, a home office, or additional storage space, here are some DIY ideas on how you can upgrade and customize your shed:

Add shelves

The easiest and quickest way to customize your shed is to add shelves. Shelving adds storage space and keeps your shed organized and clutter-free. You can add as many or as few shelves as you want, and you can add shelving for storage boxes or for added decor to display in your shed or home office.

Use tool hangers

While Heritage Building Co. already offers many customization options, from style to color to size, the possibilities for making the inside your own are endless. Another way to upgrade and customize your storage shed is to install tool hangers or hooks inside the shed. This instantly increases your storage space while making it easy to find tools that might usually be buried under other supplies or packed unseen inside a box.

Install a pegboard

A pegboard is a great addition to your shed to increase storage space. You can hang tools, wire baskets, or hooks on the board. The wire baskets can be used as catch-all containers for keys, mail, or glasses, keeping the rest of your shed neat and tidy. Tools that might get lost or misplaced in a random box will be easily visible on the pegboard.

Customize the shed’s outdoor space

You can turn an ordinary shed into an outdoor oasis by fixing up its surrounding outdoor area. Landscaping the surrounding areas can turn your shed into your new favorite spot. Add a decorative path from the main house, some flowering plants, and neat bushes to maximize the shed and transform it into a decorative focal point of your property.

When it comes to upgrading and customizing your shed, the possibilities are endless! You can turn your shed into something uniquely yours with some creativity and imagination. 

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