Delivery and Payments

The Heritage Building Company Delivery Team makes sure the delivery of your building is an easy and stress-free process. We make sure to provide a quick and efficient delivery.

Delivery and Set Up

Our delivery is free if the destination of your building is thirty miles from one of our dealer lots. Any distance of thirty one miles or more from one of our dealer lots will be an additional charge of $3.00 for 8′, 10′ and 12′ wide buildings. If your building is 14′ wide it will be $5.00 every mile over thirty.

A Heritage delivery driver will directly contact customers to schedule a delivery time for your building.

We also offer free set up of your building. This includes the leveling of your building with concrete blocks supplied by the costumer and driver supplied pressure treated shims. If you do not have concrete blocks, Heritage drivers will supply them at $2.00 a block which must be payed to the Heritage driver at the time of delivery.

Heritage personnel have the right to refuse delivery and set up to any site if they determine it is unsafe or inaccessible.

Under normal circumstances and weather permitting, buildings on a Heritage sales lot can typically be delivered within five to ten business days. Custom orders can typically be delivered within thirty to forty business days.

Site Preparation

If your property is accessible with a truck and trailer or mule, site preparation is unnecessary. Site preparation will be necessary if the site is more than three feet out of level.

All customers should consider the following during preparation:

    • Be aware of low wires, branches and septic takes.
    • Ensure all tree stumps, tree limbs and any other obstacles are removed from the area.
    • If there is a fence, there should be enough room to move the building through it. (If required, portions of the fence should be removed to ensure delivery is possible.)

Purchasing Options

Cash: We accept payment by cash, check, money order, cashier’s check or credit card.

Cash on Delivery: We also offer a cash upon delivery option, which means a minimum of 10{d24219a791f23ad6d28fd417096a1b894f3388e033c467d934fdafde67a567c4} of the cash price is required as a down payment at the time of purchase with the remaining balance to be paid on delivery.

90 Days Same as Cash: This option allows customers up to 90 days from date of order confirmation to pay off their building in full without incurring rental fees.

Rent to Own: Heritage gives their customers the option of 36,48 and 60 months as a Rent-to-Own option. All 8′ wide and 10′ wide buildings are $99 down. All 12′ wide and 14′ wide buildings are $199. If the cash price of your building is $7500 or more, the first monthly payment must be included at the time of purchase.


Heritage Building Company wants to make sure you’re covered.

    • Five Year Craftsmanship Warranty on all buildings.
    • LP® SmartSide® with 5/50 year Limited Warranty.
    • LP® 3/8″ lap siding with 5/50 year Limited Warranty.
    • The Paint has a 12 year No Crack, No Peel Warranty.
    • The Urethane Paint has 10/25 Limited Warranty.
    • 40 Year Metal Warranty.

If you have any more questions about our buildings or offers please contact us on our website chat or give us a call at 704.431.4494