Custom Barns

Here at Heritage we are always striving to build new styles and designs. With over 30 years of combined experience in the shed industry, Heritage Building Company wants you to have the best looking building on the block. To make sure of that, we do our best to build a barn that fits your needs. We offer custom paint colors, custom doors, accent doors, custom trim and roof colors, shelving, workbenches, wall additions, and much more.

We recently had a customer who wanted a building to be the same color as his home. Christian Rogne wanted a special twist to be added to his doors. They were to have the same unique design as his garage doors. We were so glad to have the honor of building a gorgeous shed for this family.

This is a 12×24 Lofted Legacy barn. It has a black 40 year metal roof with white trim and a custom paint color on the siding. It has two 2×3 white windows and 11 feet of 3 tier shelving. This barn is made with 2×6 floor joists, 2×4 trusses and has LP® TechShield®, LP® SmartSide® trim and siding, as well as 3/4″ LP Legacy flooring made with Gorilla Glue Technology®. It also includes a deluxe painted vent.

Christian Rogne left a kind review thanking us for his barn:

“Working with Melody at Heritage Building to design and build my new 12×24 utility building was a pleasure. It was important for me to match my home design and have the building fit in and Melody made sure the paint and doors matched my home. Delivered professionally on time and on budget!”

If you would like a custom built barn please contact us on our website chat or call us at 704.431.4494