A Quick Look at our Dormer Packages

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A Quick Look at our Dormer Packages

A shed can be more than just an extra area to store seasonal clothes, gardening tools, or old toys. Aside from giving you additional living space, a shed can be an attractive addition to your home and upgrade your property’s value.

If you are looking for a shed that will add instant style to your property, not just space, a dormer shed is a great option. If you are unfamiliar with the term “dormer”, a dormer is defined as a roofed structure with a window that projects out vertically from a sloped or pitched roof. A dormer brings in natural light, allows more ventilation to enter, and adds architectural interest.

Heritage Building Co. offers stylish Dormer Packages that are elegant additions to any property. Here are the highlights of the Dormer:

Beautiful windows

All dormer sheds feature built-in windows that let natural light in and ensure that the shed is well-ventilated. Several models include Z-shutters on the windows, adding beautiful architectural details to the shed. The beautiful windows make the dormer shed look more like a small house instead of a shed.

Accent doors

Stylish accent doors are part of all dormer sheds, ensuring that your shed is a welcoming space, for whatever you use it for. You can also choose to have transom windows on your doors, which adds elegance and a contemporary feel to your shed. Imagine a path lined with flowers leading up to the door of your beautiful shed? We love it already!

Versatile use

The great thing about a dormer shed is that it can be whatever you want it to be. Many people use them as pool houses because they instantly add style to your backyard, especially beside a swimming pool. However, you can also use a dormer shed as a home office, crafting area, personal gym, or she-shed.

Thanks to Heritage Building Co, you can customize your own dormer shed. Choose between numerous paint colors, finishes, and sizes. You can customize it to complement your existing house perfectly. You can also choose the size of your dormer depending on your unique needs. Make it your own and enjoy the process of creating a dormer shed you’ll love to see everyday!

Contact Heritage Building Co. today to learn more about customizing your own dormer shed.

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