5 Ways to Make Your Man Cave Shed Epic

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5 Ways to Make Your Man Cave Shed Epic

Hey there,

Have you ever considered a “man cave” for you or a loved one?

It is a place where a guy can simply spend time with friends, rest, relax, and recharge the “old batteries.”

It is a small slice of heaven and the space one can call his own….

But what if we could help you take it a step further and make it…EPIC?!

We’d love to share these five essential things to make your Man Cave shed truly EPIC!

(And if you don’t have a man cave shed yet…why not? At Heritage we have some great options, which you can check out by clicking here!)

1. A Personal Sign

Nothing says “this is mine” like a personal sign.

It can be your name, a logo that you love, or maybe a short quote. Nowadays, neon-looking signs are made from LED tech, which lasts a long time and saves energy and money!

Check out this awesome option!

2. A Lazy Boy Recliner
I don’t need to tell you how vital comfort should be in your man cave shed.

But, Cmon! What man-cave doesn’t need a lazy boy or two?

Then, of course, you’d want to have a place where your buddies can sit. But in this castle, the King needs a throne that reclines so you can enjoy your favorite sporting event, which leads me to…

3. A Giant-screen TV
There is nothing like watching football, basketball, or even mixed-martial arts events on a big-screen television.

When we say BIG, we mean at least 65″ with 4K resolution. Throw in a soundbar with a subwoofer system to give a realistic viewing experience like no other.

Make sure this piece of modern technology is the centerpiece of your man cave.

4. Fridge full of food
Why walk inside the house to get refreshments when you can grab a refreshing drink a few steps away? And since it is your refrigerator, you can put all food you want.

Ladies, are you listening? Wish your husband could raid his own fridge instead of yours during the big game? If your husband has a man cave, grab him a mini-fridge and watch the magic unfold!

5. A 1980s Video Arcade
Sure, a Playstation 5 connected to your 4K display is cool. But nothing screams “cool” like an old-school video arcade inside your man cave shed.

Do you know that you can now buy an authentic-looking video arcade cabinet? You’d think a Delorean delivered it.

And what’s even more fantastic is that you can put as many old-school arcade games as you want. Play all you can. No coins are necessary.

But don’t just stop there. Don’t be afraid to be creative. I’m sure you have lots of your own ideas in mind.

What’s important is to make it your own and put “your stamp” on the space.

With just a little bit of creativity and some hard work, your man cave can be explicitly tailored to your needs and interests. 

All that’s left to do is sit back and relax!

Click here to explore the possibilities and start building a dream man cave today!



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